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Clean Energy Partnership wins EPA’s 2016 Climate Leadership Award

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has named the Minneapolis Clean Energy Partnership a 2016 Climate Leadership Award winner in the Innovative Partnerships category for addressing climate change. The EPA, the Center for Climate and Energy Solutions, and The Climate Registry are honoring 13 organizations, three partnerships and one individual in the fifth annual Climate Leadership Awards. Recipients have demonstrated leadership and dedication in reducing the pollution that contributes to climate change. The Innovative Partnerships certificate recognizes organizations working collaboratively on leading-edge climate initiatives.

This first-of-its-kind City-utility partnership, the Clean Energy Partnership began in 2015 and has the City of Minneapolis, Xcel Energy and CenterPoint Energy collaborating in new ways to help Minneapolis achieve clean energy goals in the City’s 2013 Climate Action Plan and Energy Vision for 2040. The utilities are using the partnership to help customers achieve their energy conservation goals.

Key actions of the Clean Energy Partnership are outlined in the first two-year work plan within the planned 10 year partnership.

  • Helping 75 percent of Minneapolis homeowners, renters and rental properties participate in efficiency retrofit programs by 2025, ensuring the distribution of participants reflects the distribution of income levels in the city.
  • Implementing the Building Energy Disclosure policy for medium and large commercial buildings.
  • Promoting the adoption of renewable energy solutions for Minneapolis customers, such as onsite solar, wind, community solar gardens and green tariffs.
  • Investigating the feasibility of large-scale renewable energy purchasing for municipal government and/or residents.
  • Continuing to shift to LED streetlights.

Partnerships recognized by the award have established objectives to measurably address greenhouse gas reduction goals and/or adaptation and resilience activities. Measurable results will be documented and reported annually following the development of metrics.

Find more information about the 2016 Climate Leadership Award here.

Energy Vision Advisory Committee to discuss community engagement at Feb 16 meeting

The Energy Vision Advisory Committee (EVAC) of the Clean Energy Partnership will meet for the Quarter 1 2016 meeting on February 16 from 6-8pm in City Hall, room 319. One of the main agenda items is to discuss a community engagement framework that a working group of EVAC has been laboring over for the last several months. Meeting agenda and materials will be posted on the Meeting Information page as soon as they are available.

Clean Energy Partnership Board will consider first two-year work plan on Friday, May 29th

At their meeting on Friday, May 29th, the Clean Energy Partnership Board will consider for adoption a work plan for 2015-2016. This document will guide the work of the Partnership over the next 18 months. The work plan was developed by the Planning Team by working with the Energy Vision Advisory Committee over the course of two meetings to collect their feedback on the list of Potential Work Plan Items adopted by the Board at their first meeting.

The meeting will be held at the Minneapolis Central Library in the Doty Board Room from 9 am to 11 am. Meeting materials are posted here.

Partnership Board appoints members to Energy Vision Advisory Committee

On Friday, March 13th, the Clean Energy Partnership Board voted unanimously to appoint 15 members to the Energy Vision Advisory Committee (EVAC). The Board appointed the members after considering a recommendation from the Planning Team.

Interest in serving on EVAC was very strong among Minneapolis residents and organizations. Over 80 applications were received for the 15 seats. Applications came from all corners of the city, and 18 applications came from individuals who live outside of the city but do business in the city. The diversity of viewpoints represented in the applicant pool was impressive, including students, energy system experts, advocacy organizations, seniors, architects and many more.

EVAC is charged by the Board with reviewing and providing feedback on the Clean Energy Partnership’s biennial work plan and measurement and performance reports; providing feedback on special initiatives as requested by the Board; and, communicating to members’ respective constituencies about EVAC and Board decisions and activities.  The work of EVAC is critical to the success of the Clean Energy Partnership.

EVAC will begin meeting soon to review 2015-2016 Potential Work Plan Items approved by the Board at their meeting in February.

2015-2016 EVAC membership

Ross Abbey
Louis Alemayehu
Cameran Bailey
Trevor Drake
Chris Duffrin
John Farrell
Janne Flisrand
Timothy Gaetz
Sydney Jordan
Matt Kazinka
Kevin Lewis
Karen Monahan
Jamez Staples
William Weber
Annie Levenson-Falk
Julia Silvis

Clean Energy Partnership Board set to begin work

The Clean Energy Partnership Board will hold its first meeting on February 4th from 2 -4 pm, in the board room at the McKnight Foundation. Follow this link for meeting materials and more information on the location.

The board members are Mayor Betsy Hodges, City Council Member Elizabeth Glidden, City Council Member Kevin Reich and City Coordinator Spencer Cronk for the City of Minneapolis; Laura McCarten, regional vice president, and Lee Gabler, director of Demand-side Management and Renewable Operations for Xcel Energy; and Joe Vortherms, vice president of Gas Operations, and Jeff Daugherty, director of Regulatory Affairs, for CenterPoint Energy. City Council Member Cam Gordon is an alternate for the City of Minneapolis.

At this first quarterly meeting, along with setting its schedule and adopting bylaws, the board will establish an Energy Vision Advisory Committee (EVAC). The board will begin accepting applications from the public for the committee in the weeks following this first board meeting. The Energy Vision Advisory Committee will provide feedback on the board’s work plan and performance reports, and help communicate with and gather feedback from critical Minneapolis communities.  The application for EVAC will be posted on this website when it is available.