March 15th, 2018

CEP Q1 Board Meeting March 15th


Doty Board Room
Hennepin County Library 300 S 6th Street

Meeting Materials

CEP Q1 Board Meeting Agenda
CEP Q4 Board Meeting Minutes DRAFT
Q1 2018 Board Presentation
Work Plan Principles
100% renewable electricity resolution DRAFT
Utility Program Updates
2018 Franchise Fee Increase Programming
March 1 Board Meeting on Priorities – Report


Clean Energy Partnership 2016 Annual Report

This second annual report provides descriptions and data related to the achievements of energy conservation activities in Minneapolis in 2016, renewable energy consumption, and overall energy consumption in the City. The report contains eight sections, which correspond to eight metrics that were approved by the Partnership Board as being critical areas of measurement in tracking progress toward Partnership goals.

2016 Clean Energy Partnership Annual Report